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Flexible platform for enterprise fleet management

Track the location and monitor the condition of consignments; extend this information for your customers as well. Tata Communications MOVE™ provides connectivity to help track the location and condition of cargo, improve efficiency and enhance capacity utilization. Leveraging a combination of mobile and cloud connectivity, Tata Communications MOVE™ uses IoT in supply chain management to automate logistics. Deploying these capabilities as part of a global digital transformation initiative helps enterprises meet productivity targets and enhance business efficiency, while retaining complete control of data and a detailed understanding to guide planning. With effective fleet management solutions, integrated with warehouse automation, being the digital goals, use Tata Communications MOVE™ to establish a private-LTE or Private 5G network and create your own controlled network environment. A private network is particularly valuable to help implement warehouse automation and robotics in large facilities, without the need for extra cabling.
Agility of supply chain IoT
Tata Communications MOVE™ offers flexible global connectivity, with the necessary tools required for visibility, control, and integration with your internal systems. Gain flexibility and data visibility for all connected devices when you onboard.
Tata Communications MOVE™ provides an online portal and dashboard to manage all your connections – existing or new – using a single interface. This is complemented by comprehensive reporting capabilities.
Resource efficient
Tata Communications MOVE™ aggregates mobile network data from multiple sources and applies intelligence to deliver the highest quality of connectivity and service in any given country and for every use case, while maintaining cost objectives and local connectivity requirements. Whether for enterprise fleet management, warehouse automation or integrated supply chain management, Tata Communications MOVETM works to enhance resource efficiency for your business.
Get the assurance of adhering to country-specific local connectivity requirements wherever you operate from. With regulatory compliances and standard protocols, local connection issues do not prevent you from operating across borders.
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