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Communicate and Engage with your Customers via the Mobile Channel.

Extend new services and communication options across the mobile ecosystem. With our services in place, you can be rest assured about the delivery of your mobile messages to your customers across the world. “Use Messaging APIs for programmable Application-to-Person SMS service along with self-service features for tracking real-time usage.”
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Contact us at: api@tatacommunications.com  

Mobile Messaging Exchange for Banks

Engage directly with your customers, using Tata Communications’ mobile messaging services. We extend mobile messaging, to embrace mobile customer engagement services – encompassing:
  • Online Banking Transaction Confirmations
  • One-Time Passwords and Password Resets
  • Fraud Alerts
  • Customer Marketing
  • General Alerts
With our mobile messaging services in place, you can be rest assured about the delivery of your messages, across the entire mobile ecosystem.

Why Tata Communications For your Banking Business?

  • One connection to the world – The largest number of direct connections to ensure global reach to your customers, wherever they are
  • Mobile customer engagement – Manage mobile marketing campaigns, transactional services and updates
  • APIs – Easy integration with 3rd party applications, such as CRM or Billing
  • Transparency – Online portal gives you control and visibility about traffic delivery

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