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Make the most of a smaller world and take your business places

Your customers need affordable international mobile connectivity which provides access to voice, SMS and data services. With Tata Communications MOVE™ roaming services, you can pass on these benefits to your customers. Get the ability to offer cost-effective roaming services through global SIM cards that can be fully managed through a white-labelled management portal and APIs. You can enable innovative deals through Tata Communications MOVE™ SIM Connect, assisting with multiple local phone numbers, shared data plans, and targeted packages such as zero-rated apps.

Roaming services resellers that enable virtual networks

Get mobility management, authentication and billing all via our international SIM services that ensure an easy virtualised network system connected to network providers in over 200 countries and territories. Stay connected on the go!

Customised branding

Make your branding come alive and engage with real customers with services that cannot falter. Custom branding for roaming services that truly live up to the claim of being globally connected are now available with Tata Communications MOVE.

Single dashboard for complete control

Manage customers and employees over a single, easily integrated and managed control panel. With Tata Communications’ partnering as your roaming services partner, you can expect complete transparency and integrated solutions that work seamlessly with existing technology.

API suite that covers all roaming services requirements

Ease of integration with existing enterprise applications, with our suite of APIs for flexibility and possibilities for new application development.

Flexible policy controls

Create offerings to cater to every audience type as they explore signalling service options. With a trusted roaming services reseller as your partner, you can go ahead and offer a world of connectivity whether it is mobile data, voice calls, SMS.

Support multiple use case scenarios

Become device agnostic when it comes to offering the best international SIM for your customers. Launch features most relevant to the requirements of your markets as you examine and customise according to multiple use cases.

Engage with experienced roaming services resellers today and get started