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Create The Service Offering You Desire And Leave The Rest To Us

As an MNO, you need new ways to grow your customer base and market share. Maybe you want to launch your own branded service as an MVNO in a new country market, or launch a sub-brand in an untapped niche market, offer your clients attractive new services, or give your own MVNOs a platform that doesn’t disrupt your customers. Whatever your goal, your core business can’t afford to be interrupted by a new service. Tata Communications MOVE™ is a carrier-grade hosted MVNE platform that provides the solution you’ve been looking for. We manage your operations and maintain our services apart from your main systems for fast and seamless entry into new markets.

Stress-free, managed growth

Tata Communications will fully manage your operational needs which will let your team focus on executing a market strategy to break into a new market successfully. With MOVE™ MVNE mobile network services, your new business is separated from your main systems. Your platform and your clients will not be disrupted by massive changes, control procedures, priority discussions or multiple projects.

Easier and swifter market access

Deploying and onboarding your MVNOs with Tata Communications MOVE™ MVNE platform is quick and straightforward. You choose the services you wish to contract to your MVNOs, and we then manage them through the unique combination of our state-of-the-art platform backed by Tata Communications’ world-leading voice/data network.

International business growth

Unlike other provider offerings, Tata Communications MOVE™ is a hosted MVNE service based on our global data and voice network with regional PoPs on five continents. This means you can launch your brand in international markets, fully supported by our MVNE platform.

Control and visibility like never before

Our management portal supports multiple functions and cases without the need for additional systems integration. The self-service customer care portal facilitates B2C, and B2B order captures.

Through the use of the Tata Communications MOVE™ platform, Antel’s MVNO partners of all sizes and market segmentations are able to launch new mobile and IoT services without making large up-front investments in their own mobile infrastructure, network service management or go-to-market operations.
CEO , Antel
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