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Make launching an MVNO as easy as launching an app

Your mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) is only as successful as your marketing strategy. At Tata Communications, our specialised and flexible platform can suit your unique approach to the market and make it a success. We offer product and service flexibility, so you can quickly adjust your strategy and adapt to market changes right away.
We set you free to make your business a success
Tata Communications MOVE™ MVNE services is a carrier-grade globally available platform that delivers managed end-to-end MVNE services from MNO connectivity and SIM fulfilment right through to wholesale and retail billing. Just as virtualised network infrastructures set you free from traditional infrastructure, we ensure that your business is free to expand with us as virtual network partner.
Your ticket to digital transformation using cloud technology
Tata Communications delivers a differentiated service by leveraging its mobile network-as-a-service (MNaaS) model to help you enter the mobile platform economy quickly without having to invest upfront in physical or business infrastructure. You can focus on what matters the most: your go-to-market strategy and fulfilling your role as mobile virtual network operator
On-time delivery so you can live up to your word
Sometimes, all that sets your business apart is responsiveness and credibility. With a reliable virtual network operator by your side, you can help customers remember your business as the more responsive and agile.
Customise the service combinations you truly need
Sustainable business growth is built through pacing your operations, and as you work with us as your mobile virtual network partner, you can rest assured that your choice is of paramount consideration. Tata Communications MOVE™ MVNE services platform comprises of “mix and match” modules for you to use the combination that works best for you. Our hosted MVNE service provides you with the infrastructure you need to differentiate your business.
We have always envisioned bringing our brand of digital-first, worry-free mobile services to the market. As a platform company ourselves, the software-defined capabilities of Tata Communications MOVE™ was not just aligned with our operational philosophy, but also enabled us to introduce our mobile services in an agile, cost-effective, and scalable manner.
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