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Recognised as Leader in the ISG Provider Lens™ Network - Software Defined Solutions and Services 2022 Quadrant

Secure Network Transformation managed by IZO™ SDWAN

Tata Communications IZO™ SDWAN is a managed service that brings together SD-WAN and network security based on best-fit technology. It transforms your security and network architecture, giving you:
  • More visibility and insight into users, applications and enterprise assets
  • The ability to dynamically enforce contextual policy
  • Optimal performance and consistent security across your digital estate
sd wan managed services

How IZO™ SDWAN can benefit your organisation

Guaranteed network performance with consistent security
Single platform experience across your network transformation journey
Seamless network transformation using zero-risk delivery methodology
Scalable best-fit solution with agile network architecture
Enhanced uptime with unique underlay-overlay correlation
End-to-end SD-WAN managed service

IZO™ SDWAN Managed Network Services

Day 0


An insight driven foundation to build a scalable, secure and performant SD-WAN

Day 1


Time-bound, zero-risk delivery that helps seamless migration and integration

Day 2

Operate & Optimise

Unified management through our TCX platform and continuous optimisation

Day 0

Day 1

Day 2


An insight driven foundation to build a scalable, secure and performant SD-WAN


Why IZO™ SDWAN-as-a-Service

Cloud-like experience for Network Services
  • Unified experience for your IZO™ SDWAN managed service deployment with TCx platform

  • Ready-to-deliver hardware that expedites overall deployment

  • Agile operations allowing you to dial-up, dial-down and make changes to your configuration on a real-time basis

  • A completely OPEX based model with monthly charges only

  • Pay-as-you-go with flexible contract terms, putting you in control

  • No early termination charges

  • Best-of-breed technology from Fortinet

Why choose Tata Communications for SDWAN as-a-Service

Now harness the power of IZO™ SDWAN, made hassle-free with a managed services model

Deliver more with less

Zero capex supported by a pay-as-you-go model with no early termination charge, allowing you to significantly lower your TCO
Deliver more with less
Zero capex supported by a pay-as-you-go model with no early termination charge, allowing you to significantly lower your TCO
Partnering for success: Tata Communications and Fortinet
Unprecedent access, readiness and performance
  • Access truly integrated WAN, WLAN, LAN & Security in one CPE, with readily available hardware inventory in key geographies
  • Optimize cloud performance with Cloud On-Ramp
  • Experience ASIC-powered SD-WAN that enables superior performance

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Enterprises require SD-WAN solutions for a variety of reasons, including WAN simplification and cost-effective data transmission. Moreover, secure SD-WAN provides bandwidth efficiency and a smooth transition to the cloud without sacrificing security, data privacy, or performance. This will eventually increase productivity, customer satisfaction, and profitability. The SD WAN makes sure that your network deployments work together in a smarter way to achieve a common goal, making your network more responsive and smarter.

  • SD-WAN deployment has its own set of challenges. For example, SD-WAN solutions' major challenges include selecting the right vendor, ensuring underlying provisions such as network performance and architecture, cloud connectivity, cost management, and model selection. All of these challenges must be addressed efficiently to avoid any errors.

  • SD-WAN solutions solve a range of problems for your business. Such as, it makes data transmission more affordable and efficient, as well as makes VPN use more simple and scalable. Simultaneously, secure SD-WAN services make it easier for businesses to work with multiple different connections.

  • Managed SD-WAN helps enterprises in achieving digital transformation by enabling them to establish a reliable network, monitor their performance in real-time, and efficiently route traffic to meet SLAs (Service Level Agreements). Moreover, it provides maximum uptime, ensuring the network's smooth functioning.

  • The key features of managed SD-WAN include intelligent routing, Zero-touch Provisioning (ZTP), Multiplexed VPNs, Smart User interfaces, Direct Cloud Access, enhanced security, and so on. Moreover, SD-WAN managed service should also include features such as a centralised controller, programmable APIs, data analytics, end-to-end micro-segmentation, incredible security, and ease of deployment.

Start your Secure Network Transformation journey with IZO™ SDWAN