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Tata Communications and Formula 1® work together as one, building on an established strategic technology collaboration to create a world-class experience for fans globally. With this, Tata Communications has proudly partnered as the Official Broadcast Connectivity Provider of Formula 1®.  As a trusted partner, Tata Communications powers industry-recognised technology at scale, enabling Formula 1® to be more connected, agile, efficient, and sustainable.  Tata Communications empowers Formula 1® with global end-to-end managed network services for video contribution, transforming the experience for motorsport fans. This includes the transfer of more than 90 video feeds and over 150 audio channels at every single race on the calendar, transmitted between the team at each Grand Prix and the F1® Media & Technology Centre in the UK. That equates to approximately 500 terabytes of video and data per event, all travelling through our ultra-fast network.  Supporting Formula 1® across a 23 race calendar, spanning five continents; our technology delivered the full F1® broadcast to a global cumulative audience of 1.5 billion in 2022.  Our work also helps Formula 1® to move live data analysis and video production away from each circuit to a centralized Remote Operations Centre, helping reduce traveling freight and contributing to F1®’s ambition to reach Net Zero Carbon by 2030.

Empowering Tomorrow

Tata Communications and Formula 1® CEOs share their thoughts on multi-year strategic collaboration.

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Empowering Tomorrow

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