Customer service is no longer an auxiliary business function; it actively impacts your business's bottom line and sets your brand apart from competitors' customers who are changing now. They want proactive and individualised service and a seamless digital experience.

The Cisco Webex Contact Centre, a cloud-based service of the Webex Cisco Group headquartered in San Jose, California, understood the need for modern customer satisfaction for companies who sell their goods or services on a large scale and are not willing to leave a negative impact on their customers in cases like after-sales service or answering typical queries of potential customers for their product or service.

As the tagline says (Built for the future of customer experience), the main goal of the Webex Contact Centre is to deliver a hassle-free experience between the agent and the clients by giving them the answers they need in the channel they prefer, all with speed and accuracy, which will enhance the customer experience along with the company's goodwill.

As you read this article, expect to learn more about the Cisco contact centre and improve your customer experience.

How online contact centers help businesses

There are roughly 3.5 billion internet users across the world. Connecting with your business has never been easier for consumers. Due to the desire of clients' expectations to communicate with a live representative across communication channels, the contact centre is changing the customer experience.

Businesses require a customer contact centre to bridge online and offline channels to provide omnichannel support.

For instance, an irate consumer yells about a software glitch. The consumer is emotional whether the organisation or consumer is at fault.

If there is an entity wherein the customer can complain, An angry customer has a high chance of leaving, subduing and maligning your image, irrespective of whosoever is at fault.

Here, customer experience comes in, and having a contact centre and demonstrating empathy might fix the customer issues with proper actionable measures.

Cisco offers the most complete Webex Contact Centre offering. Cisco Contact Centre is an omnichannel Contact Centre-as-a-Service (CCaaS) for any sized business that offers enriched cloud-based customer journeys and data intelligence.

Built on the open and customizable Webex Platform for Contact Centre, its portfolio blends AI, enterprise-grade cloud calling, data analytics, workforce optimization, CRM, and experience management tools.

The Webex Contact Centre: salient features

Cisco Contact Centre allows your consumers to communicate with you via chat, text, social media, email, or phone all in one dashboard. Their AI-powered voice and chat virtual agents give customers a natural, quick, and easy self-service experience 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for all their short and common queries. Also, if the customer wants to connect with a live agent, they can do the same just with a click, as easy as that.

Here are some of the salient features of Cisco Contact Centre:


Customers have the freedom to contact the company via whichever digital channel is most convenient for them, thanks to digital-first assistance. In addition, Omnichannel gives multiple options to customers to connect with the business.

24/7 Self-Service

Customers may get help at any time and swap between virtual and actual staff. Agent tools allow access to the whole client history in one place, so agents are always aware of the context of the contact, and customers never have to repeat themselves.

Customer Experience Management

Webex Experience Management surveys give clients feedback by SMS, email, or IVR (IVR).

Enable consumers to offer rapid feedback and agents to tailor encounters depending on ratings.

Super Agents

Your agents can perform excellent customer service with AI-powered assistance and a redesigned, user-optimised agent desktop.

Agent tools deliver a whole client history in one location, ensuring context-awareness.

  • They may also adjust interactions based on consumer input through Webex Experience: Intelligent Super Agents or Intuitive agent experience.
  • The new modular agent desktop consolidates everything agents need into one view.
  • Third-party widget support for customer interaction history.
  • Webex workforce optimization fosters engagement, including workforce management, quality management, and analytics.

Webex Workforce Optimization

  • Workforce Management (WFM): Thanks to dynamic scheduling, agents, supervisors, and staffing analysts can work together in real-time.
  • Agent-centric: Webex Contact Centre strongly emphasises the agent experience and ensures that our software is tailored to meet their needs.
  • Flexible: The flexibility of Cisco Webex Contact Centre software allows for conforming to various organisational structures, operational environments, and business models.
  • Iterative and incremental: Development is continuing. To provide the optimal user experience, we regularly review user comments and make appropriate adjustments to the corresponding features.
  • Evaluate and measure: Agent productivity and performance through the use of individualised assessment forms
  • Boost Morale: The use of gamification and self-assessment by the agents.
  • Workforce Optimization Analytics: Speech and desktop activity should both be analysed so that insight may be gained. It Establishes a correlation between agent performance and the number of net promoters (NPS).
  • Holistic View: The ability to see, consume, and take action on data with a single click allows for more precision and less work.
  • Powerful, streamlined contacts filter: Discover talk in a hurry, create your filter with the help of standard data and individualised metadata information and then store it for easy access later.
  • Engage Your Employees: Ensures that live agents are heard by providing them with quick feedback loops and the direction they require through gamification, assessments, coaching, and training.

Outbound Campaigns

Agents spend more time with clients to improve agent productivity and business performance. Increase sales and upsells, customer retention, and campaign success.

Contact Centre as a Service

With Contact Centre as a Service, organisations may only pay for the software they use, and it's managed by a third party, cutting down on IT, integration, and maintenance expenses. A cloud-based CX solution in contact centres is typically used, although in some cases, an on-premise CCaaS solution is the best option.

The Webex Contact Centre enables consumers to chat, text, email, or phone. AI-powered voice and chat virtual agents provide clients with 24/7 self-service and smooth handoff to a live agent.

Customers never have to repeat themselves since agents have their contact history at their fingertips. Agents have complete insight into all customer interactions, independent of channel, in a single interface.

Webex Experience Management surveys measure customer attitude and experience and close feedback loops. Post-call surveys are issued through SMS, email, or IVR to record rapid feedback and measure consumer sentiment. In addition, agents can use real-time survey responses to personalise encounters.


As customer expectations increase, businesses are racing to get an edge, and cloud contact centres are a primary focus.

Top cloud contact centre software solutions always provide

  • Up-to-date, state-of-the-art contact centre capabilities,
  • Data loss prevention and
  • Security measures to keep your organisation secure.

A CCaaS should fit your company's needs.

Webex is your partner in providing outstanding customer service. You'll be able to aid customers when they need it and equip agents to do so. Businesses utilise Webex Contact Centres because of their dependability. Webex's offering comprises world-class devices and headsets for cloud calling, meetings, collaboration, and contact centre solutions.

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