The Tata Communications media cloud infrastructure services offer the basic building blocks for a cloud infrastructure-as-a-service on our IZO Cloud Storage platform optimized for media applications. This enables content owners, broadcasters and OTT players to create a private, modular media cloud to manage their video on-demand playout and distribution.The modularity of our media cloud simplifies the creation of distinct storage and compute streams that can be built on top of existing cloud solutions. It also ties-in seamlessly with our media supply chain that manages transcoding, metadata, review-approve, live capturing and publishing to enable a comprehensive suite of managed media services. Migration to cloud-based workflows enables enterprises to launch resources faster, achieve better collaboration across remote workforces, deploy in multiple regions at the same time, and perhaps most importantly, trade capital expenses with a pay-as-you-go model.


Flexible Media Cloud Supporting Contribution & Distribution Networks

Our media cloud infrastructure is seamlessly connected to our media-ready global network and provides the vital link between content acquisition and distribution to audiences.    

Highly Configurable Transform Capabilities

Our service can achieve a range of transform functions including transcode, digital rights management, review and approve processes, metadata tagging and video analytics.    

Cutting-edge Media Libraries

Our media asset management solution offers a single pane of glass for managing, indexing, searching and viewing all your media content.  

Transparency & Easy In-n-Out

Tata Communications’ media cloud infrastructure carries no egress fees, no retrieval fees and zero API call fees. The transparent pricing models offer a superior value proposition in comparison to unpredictable and complicated industry practices.

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