Work From Anywhere: The Digital, Connected & Secure Workplace

There is a fundamental change in working models. With a shift to hybrid work, an increasing number of distributed employees are ‘Working from Anywhere’ (WFA). Tata Communications partners with IDC for Future of Work (FoW) framework - defined as a significant change to the concept of work. By understanding employee behaviours, organisations set out to support a dynamic work environment, unbounded by the time of day or physical space.

  • Empowering remote workers to securely access critical business applications over public or private networks
  • Enabling technologies such as AI, robotics, process automation, and augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR)
  • Building a digital, connected, secure and scalable workplace
  • Ensuring uninterrupted and seamless connectivity and application performance

WFA has deep implications - from a business continuity and employee experience viewpoint. Read to know more about building a digital, secure workplace.

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