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Secure Connected Digital Experience

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Delivering elevated experiences

One of the most popular communication channels, video enables face-to-face conversations anywhere. For enterprises, it drives employee engagement, while retailers can connect to end-customers at home, or on the go. And with consumers seeking seamless, omnichannel experiences, video in the cloud can unlock future-proof growth – taking the store home, to make shopping secure, personal and easy. Through our tailored, one-stop-shop solution, we deliver the simplified, secure, digital buying experiences that will support your transformation ambitions – and meet your customers’ growing expectations.
Make every interaction count with simplified and secure experiences
Drive digital sales and enable seamless interactions across touch points
Create an immersive customer journey through the power of video and virtual collaboration
Enable always-on intelligent skill-based routing to the right support, at the right time
Transforming retail, one immersive experience at a time
While customers may be moving online, they still expect the same personalised, immersive experiences they’re used to. What’s more, digital sales are now your bottom line. With Tata Communications’ Store at Home, you can leverage the power of video and live collaboration tools to transform the customer journey and future-proof your business.
  • Attract and retain customers with highly personalised buying experiences
  • Augment your customers’ lifetime value, and reduce acquisition and retention costs
  • Deliver superior experiences across SMS, email, chat and video-enabled commerce
  • Connect customers with the right support, at the right time
  • Drive revenues even in the face of great disruption
Enabling banking in a digital-first future
For industries like banking, effective know-your-customer is essential to onboarding the right assets, and in turn, protecting your solvency. So in a sector where customer onboarding – and ongoing relationship management – have traditionally relied on branch visits, Tata Communications’ immersive, secure solutions are helping BFSI firms pivot to digital.
  • Simplify onboarding and drive acquisition through video know-your-customer
  • Deliver virtual relationship management from any device
  • Develop conversational interfaces that enhance personalisation
  • Leverage state-of-the-art collaboration tools including WebRTC, Co-browsing and Agent Assist for secure, branchless banking experiences
Accelerating experiences within the auto industry
The auto industry has traditionally been a bricks-and-mortal model. But with changing customer behaviours, enterprises must find new ways to bring the showroom to life. Tata Communications’ Store at Home gives you the tools to create a connected customer journey that’s engaging, effective – and fit for the way consumers operate today.
  • Keep the conversation going with in-call chat and conferencing capabilities
  • Build customer trust with highly tailored experiences
  • Receive real-time insight and feedback on every interaction
  • Generate comprehensive reports on team performance

Build a digital-first customer experience today