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Industry 4.0 solutions to enable efficiency and control

Choose the smarter way to keep your equipment working longer and more productively. Tata Communications’ MOVE™ lets you access rich information such as the condition of your equipment, and any maintenance issues or damage, helping to prevent potential downtime. A connected industrial eco-system requires an automation-intensive environment, using a combination of mobile connectivity with cloud integration, supported by the internet of things. Deploying these capabilities as part of a global digital transformation initiative helps to realise significant gains in terms of productivity, enhanced business efficiency and overall industry competitiveness.
industry 4.0 solutions
Key benefits of industrial IoT solutions for your business

Easy factory automation

Now, more than ever, automation is as much a necessity as it is a smarter move for your business. Monitor your production line and environmental conditions to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

Predictive inventory and cataloguing

Ensure that you have the riht inventory to meet demand, with warehouse automation and  smart manufacturing systems that easily integrate with existing technology. Track your assets in the warehouse or on the production line, to ensure that deliveries are in the right place, to avoid factory downtime or locate missing consignments.
smart manufacturing industry 4.0 solutions

Heavy equipment monitoring

Our services help in the realisation of ‘X as a service’ models such that heavy equipment usage and operation can be monitored and maintenance planned in the most efficient way possible. The use of industrial IoT solutions with equipment management also means that spare part inventories can be held and used in a more efficient way.

Workplace safety that meet global benchmarks

Use of smart factory solutions help detect whether production lines or heavy capital equipment are exhibiting signs of overheating, incorrect or possibly dangerous usage to help you create data-based safety reports and ensure proactive hazard management to ensure absolute safety on site.

How we can transform your industry


Support your business growth by providing a secure, rapidly scalable data centre foundation. Tata Communications’ Manage Cloud Infrastructure services offers world-class hosting, storage and colocation services that can support new technologies like automation, collaboration and much more. Enjoy unparalleled benefits:
  • World-wide footprint with data centers in 44 locations
  • Fully managed, dedicated infrastructure hosting with committed performance and uptime
  • Range of cutting-edge technology choices to build your digital foundation
  • Assured security with state-of-the-art cybersecurity measures
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