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One stop streamlined compliance and mobile operations with the Tata Communications MOVE - SIM Connect enterprise solution

As businesses become increasingly global, employees need affordable mobile connectivity as well as seamless access to enterprise applications regardless of where they are. International roaming tends to be associated with high roaming charges, use of unsecured WiFi or locally purchased SIM cards. Tata Communications MOVE™ – SIM Connect offers businesses a new approach to enable employees to be productive when they travel, while keeping mobile costs and security threats under control, regardless of location.
Network independence
Our global SIM for enterprise ensures that you’re independent of any single provider and have the best possible connectivity to work with. Tata Communications MOVE – SIM Connect technology allows registration on any available cellular network, delivering true flexibility by always having the best available provider, tariffs and strongest signal.

Enterprise mobility

Take your business wherever you go! Tata Communications’ MOVE™ SIM Connect offers a global SIM for enterprise employees compatible with all types of mobile handsets and therefore suitable for corporates and bring-your-own-device environments, bringing easy implementation and extendibility to your unified collaboration and communications services. We enable global connectivity by providing one SIM card with coverage across 200 destinations and 600 networks.
Simplified, streamlined single management portal
With a smart enterprise SIM, there remains no need to spend time switching between applications to manage your connectivity experience. Via our function-rich management portal, enterprise devices and subscriptions can be easily managed with no need for physical SIM swaps. Now you can forget about dealing with several mobile contracts and management portals per country/region.
Enterprise-grade security
The Tata Communications MOVE SIM Connect enterprise solution provides enterprise-grade security for data in motion and stored data across multiple cloud platforms. APNs and VPNs are available for secure, private access to your applications, ensuring that employees always have secure access to company applications wherever they are.

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David Henderson

We were born in the cloud, which is why we exclusively use Microsoft Azure for our hosting. It guarantees ease of use and seamless integration with lower total cost of ownership.

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