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A truly global business

May 30, 2012

Vinod Kumar   

Blog contributor

Thank you for joining me here on my new blog! I am excited to introduce this new space where I aim to share regular updates on my thoughts about the industry, our business and our people.

It gives me an opportunity to discuss some of the topics that I’m interested in and passionate about. Emerging markets, global business and telecoms are shaping our world. With new developments and innovations shaping the global paradigm, we have the opportunity to shape the New World of Communications in alignment with these new phenomena and therefore I am opening a discussion, and collaborative forum here, to share perspectives on globalisation – starting with our own experience.

Why are these topics what I want to talk about?

We are seeing a real shift towards the emerging markets as the world becomes inclusive and truly global. 70% of Youtube clips come from outside of the US. Over 25 billion apps have been downloaded in China. The world is changing. Tata Communications is in a unique position with its heritage in emerging markets as well as having operations and business units around the world. We try to be present in as many markets as possible and that will continue to grow.

Tata Communications accounts for 25% of the lit international telecoms capacity around the world and global distribution reach with connectivity to over 200 countries.

We learn from our customers every day and from their challenges and experiences in globalising their operations. It is about building local expertise but at the same time having a global perspective.

More importantly, it is about the people in our business and what we are learning from them. This is reflected in the people and skills that we have invested in. We have built not just emerging market talent, but global talent as well into our business.

I think that diversity is really what is going to lead to success for international businesses in the future. 30% of our employees are from outside of India and our global team represents 40 nationalities. What has helped us source talent from around the world is that we are in the business of connecting people and can go out and see opportunities around the world to add talent to our organisation. Competitive global businesses require talent that is sourced from wherever that talent is available. That is in our DNA and something we see as a core trait of 21st century MNCs.

Being global means taking products to more markets in more geographies. It is also about ensuring that the talent pool around the world is being tapped and that we have a deep understanding of how business is done across different cultures. If you are ready to act like a global citizen, you are no longer just pushing out products and services but really examining how you can innovate in building your business with these new resources.

Hopefully, as we dive into the challenges and business issues facing emerging and global markets, I can lean on these international experts and bring some lively debate to the site. We will be posting frequently and we look forward to hearing your thoughts as well.