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Thoughts from the Global Analysts and CEO Summit 2013

February 25, 2013

John Hayduk   

Blog Contributor

Last month Tata Communications hosted its Global Analyst and CEO Summit in Jaipur India.  It was really a great event across two full days. We had participation from 37 analysts and 10 CEOs. The event was held in the magnificent Rambagh Palace in Jaipur. If your company hasn’t hosted one of these events, you should really consider organising one. It’s a great way to interact and cover your company’s product portfolio, get feedback from the analysts and also discuss the major trends and challenges facing your business.

We hosted the analysts on the first day, and then the second day was the CEO summit. During the second day, we covered topics facing all businesses ranging from the larger role IT will play in company strategy, how to focus more on sustainability, and the impact of social media. As just one example of the impact of social media, during the two Summit days on Twitter we reached 378,743 impressions from total Twitter mentions (this is the number of eyeballs, globally, that saw the Tweets from the event) and 70 new followers.

The topics, discussion, and location were all fantastic.  And finally, even if you have seen an elephant in real life, you really don’t know how large they are till you ride one!  That mode of transportation was provided along with camels, and horse & carriage for the dinner on the first day. Back to the elephants… I had the opportunity to ride one, and only when you are sitting on top of one, do you realise how large they are and how small you are.