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Wearables, data and integrated gaming

October 23, 2014

Robert Smith   


Robert Smith, winner of the second challenge of the F1 Connectivity Innovation Prize, talks through what he sees as the future innovations of the sport

In my last post, I talked about my own personal journey and my winning idea for the F1 Connectivity Innovation Prize. Taking part in this contest has really made think about the way the sport has evolved – right from its inception back in the 1940s, through to the present day.

The sport has always been a pinnacle of cutting edge innovation and technology and over the next decade I’m certain this will continue. The main developments I’ll be monitoring are:

  1. Wearables: At the track, these devices could play an important role in reducing the isolation of fans. They also have the potential to deliver critical information before, during, and after the race, in a more consumable way, such as augmented reality.
  1. Data: Off the track there will be a greater selection of data available to fans but presented in a more personal format, something which the winners of the first challenge tackled with their forward-thinking concepts.
  1. Gaming: I’m also excited about the rise of integrated gaming, whereby fans can actually pit their skills against the real drivers. Live data from the track will form a unique simulation for fans to engage with, all from the comfort of their sofas.

So roll on the day when I can stream live race data to my wearable device and race against Lewis Hamilton’s ghost car in real time!

Do you agree with Robert? Let us know in the comments where you think the sport will go in the next 10 years…

Next month, the Conjure team will share their global scrapbook concept and how they utilised skills in UX and design to build a winning entry. Check back in two weeks to read their story.


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