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Collaboration in 2015: upcoming UC trends

February 4, 2015

Anthony Bartolo   

Blog contributor

With the growth of the unified communications market in 2014, there is an essential need to develop and maintain viable solutions for the industry. The strategy that each organisation adopts for communications, should be one that fits with the company’s corporate culture.

Ovum has predicted that in 2015 large-scale enterprises, as well as SMEs, will turn to more advanced methods of purchasing, deploying, and managing business communications technology.

The root cause of this transformation stems from cloud-based communications services and the integration of these services with business applications.

In relation to these trends, unified communications can now be delivered from the cloud, using a SaaS model. This increases business agility and frees up IT resources to execute more strategic initiatives.

Regardless of deployment model (cloud or on-premise), open standards-based technologies (APIs) will be critical in the coming year as businesses look to integrate communications functions into business applications.

The potential of ubiquitous real-time collaboration within enterprises, as well as with customers and partners, using voice, video calling, instant messaging and data, will also provide boundless opportunities for growth.

Unified communications can help organisations become more productive by offering frictionless access to the right information, in the right context and at the right time.

How are you using unified communications in your business? If not, what’s holding you back from making the leap? Explore our Unified Communications Hub and leave your comments below.