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Shooting for the stars

March 4, 2015

Vinod Kumar   

Blog contributor

I doubt that there is a person alive who hasn’t had that moment of wonder when reading about or looking into space. Young and old alike are fascinated by the possibilities of the universe and mesmerized by its beauty.

However, for me the true beauty of space lies in man’s continued ambition and aspiration, the fact that space gives us the opportunity to go further than even the human mind can imagine. It presents us with the ultimate challenge and resource for information that will answer some of our most fundamental questions about our very existence.

Space exploration is so much more than an adventure. Man’s journeys in the skies have had a viable impact on everyday lives in informing and influencing the development of such essentials as satellite TV and communications, heart implants, water purifiers and even baby formula.

Today I’m as excited as I was as a young child on seeing the very first Space Shuttle take to the skies because, today at Tata Communications, we’re working on a space mission. We’re working alongside TeamIndus, India’s only competitor in the $30 million Google Lunar XPRIZE. TeamIndus is determined to be the first ever privately-funded team to land a spacecraft on the moon and, as their communications partner we will be helping them achieve that dream.

TeamIndus rover

(Download the full PDF infographic)

Our role is to enable the swift and reliable communications that will not only support the mission itself but also allow TeamIndus to bring back data and insight that will add to our knowledge about the universe and potentially to help us create more life enhancing solutions. It’s about giving the reliability of a land and sea based communications network in a completely new environment with a set of challenges like no other.

The ability to bring that essential data back to earth is set to redefine space exploration as we know it and will leverage all our experience in long-range communications expertise and low latency connectivity between ground tracking stations.

It’s one of those moments where we can say our work is both mission critical in every possible sense of the term, but also that our work is helping to elevate and transform man’s understanding of the possibilities of the world and universe around him.

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