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Will AI diversify human thinking or replace it?

September 6, 2018

Vinod Kumar   

Blog contributor

Fears of the impact AI may have on employment have made people focus keenly on the security of the past. When looking to the future, however, the outlook is brighter, as AI opens more doors than it closes. People have always had the distinctive ability to grow, and while it may take time to adjust, the road ahead is paved with ideas for a better future.

AI will create the capacity for creativity and growth in the workplace by relieving humans of mundane tasks which distract them from adding genuine value. AI could be instrumental in enhancing decision making and has the potential to suggest the best and most cognitively diverse team for a project.

As business has become more diverse and multicultural, the requirements of communicating across multiple regions are challenging. AI can bridge this language barrier and even has the propensity to support teams by providing people with relevant information within seconds.

Tata Communications has published a study which rejects the science-fictional and sensational claims made of monolithic AI forms that will surpass and replace human intelligence. Based on the opinions of 120 global business leaders, Cognitive Diversity: AI and The Future of Work envisions a positive impact of AI on the future workplace.

Find out more about by watching the video above or checking out some of the key findings here.