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5 factors to consider when choosing broadband in India for enterprises

July 18, 2023

Sarang Modi   

Product Marketing Manager, Tata Communications

In today’s digital age, reliable and high-speed internet connectivity is the lifeblood of any enterprise. In this article, Sarang Modi, Product Marketing Manager at Tata Communications, explores the 5 key things enterprises need to consider when selecting internet broadband partners in India.

Reliable and high-speed internet connectivity fuels productivity, collaboration, and innovation, making it crucial for businesses to choose an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that can meet their specific needs. We list down five critical factors one must keep in mind when choosing Internet broadband for enterprises in India.

Catering to Business Requirements

Each enterprise has their own distinct internet requirements, depending on the size, industry, and operational needs. They may have their branch location all over India, often extending to Tier 3 and 4 cities depending on the need. It becomes difficult in such a situation to reach out to each of the local providers in that region and manage the disparate network.

“The provider should recognise this diversity and offer a solution that will cater to the unique demands of each business.”

Whether it’s a multinational corporation with complex networking requirements or a rapidly growing startup seeking scalable bandwidth, the chosen provider should have the expertise and flexibility to design custom internet solutions that align with specific business objectives.

Unmatched Support

More offices mean more reliance on different providers. Imagine a situation with one or more branches without internet, where the time taken to reach out to the specific provider support helpline means loss in business hours. It also results in delayed tasks, resource underutilization ultimately reducing the profit margin irrespective of the technology investment. One aspect that can set a provider apart from other internet service providers is comprehensive support. Understanding the urgency and critical nature of uninterrupted internet services for enterprises, the provider should have an advanced support process that ensures swift response times and streamlined issue resolution.

Security and Compliance

In today’s cyber threat landscape, data security and regulatory compliance are paramount concerns for enterprises. The provider should understand these challenges and implement robust security measures to protect businesses against cyber threats. One office down in a particular location can have a cascading effect on all the other offices. From advanced firewalls to encrypted connections, the provider should ensure that data transmission remains secure, safeguarding sensitive business information. Additionally, they should adhere to industry-specific compliance regulations, providing peace of mind to enterprises operating in regulated sectors.

The Experience Factor

When it comes to selecting an ISP for enterprise internet broadband, experience matters. Enterprises require a single window for easier and swift ordering, deployment, and support of services to ensure that mission-critical applications are not compromised. An enterprise with its extensive presence in India cannot have a situation of managing each offices’ configuration individually. This not only results in increased costs but also reduces the efficiency of the enterprises. Managing multiple partners region-wise simply adds to the overheads of enterprises.

“The selected provider should preferably have a rich history of providing internet services to named enterprises across India and a legacy of state-of -art enterprise grade support in the field of internet services.”

It should have a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by enterprises and the importance of reliable, scalable, and secure internet connectivity.

Partnership with Local Providers

While local internet providers may appear convenient, they often struggle to meet the demands of enterprises due to their limited infrastructure and capabilities. Consider the scenario where an enterprise is reaching out to individual local providers who have their different pricing, performance, and support commitments.

Some of these providers may also lack the necessary bandwidth, scalability, and reliability required to support mission-critical operations. One needs a provider which has strong partnership with the local providers to provide a one-stop-shop answer and help elevate the experience irrespective of how remote the location might be.

Tata Communications, with pan-India broadband internet coverage of more than 2,100 cities, through a strong partner ecosystem (80+ partner ISPs) can seamlessly handle the bandwidth requirements of enterprises, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity and superior performance.

When it comes to internet broadband services for enterprises in India, choosing the right ISP can make all the difference. The provider’s experience, a dedicated support desk, tailored solutions, and unwavering commitment to security and compliance should be the key factors while choosing the service. While these points cover the essentials, providers who can provide a digital fabric can unlock a whole new level for enterprises. Don’t settle for anyone when your enterprise deserves the best.

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