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Unlocking new possibilities with Tata Communications and Oracle

February 5, 2024

Prabhakar Verma   

Prabhakar Verma, Associate Director - Business Collaboration, Tata Communications

The ability to focus on strategic initiatives without having to struggle to solve day-to-day tactical collaboration issues can be a gamechanger for any enterprise. While Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS) has redefined the way businesses connect, collaborate, and thrive, there are still some aspects that can pose challenges.

Increased Unified Communications (UC) adoption brings challenges of network vulnerability in terms of malware and virus attacks, which is why many businesses look to an Enterprise Session Border Controller (SBC) to keep their communications secure. As a member of the Oracle Partner Network (OPN), Tata Communications is working with Oracle to free clients from the need to implement and manage their Enterprise SBCs.

The importance of the Enterprise SBC in a UCaaS setup
UCaaS offers the unified approach to communication that is critical for business success by converging various communication channels into a single, integrated platform. It has several elements working in conjunction, of which Enterprise SBCs are an important unit. The Enterprise SBC is a specialised network device that is designed to provide security, reliability, interoperability, scalability, quality of service, and compatibility between different VoIP networks, including PSTN and UCaaS solutions. It helps to protect the VoIP network from threats such as Denial of Service (DoS) attacks and provides Quality of Service (QoS) features to ensure that voice calls are of high quality. Additionally, it helps to ensure compatibility between different VoIP networks, so that users can make and receive calls.

While Enterprise SBCs are an integral part of the UCaaS, enterprises have to deal with certain complexities in implementing and managing these. These challenges are varied in nature.

  • Configuring the Enterprise SBC to seamlessly integrate with diverse devices, protocols, and communication systems that are part of the enterprise’s network environment and to allow for scaling needs careful planning.
  • Security concerns like safeguarding against cyberthreats and need for strong encryption and authentication methods, as well as regular software updates and patches, must be addressed so that confidentiality and integrity of communication is maintained.
  • Interoperability between diverse hardware and software solutions, as well as the ability to support a range of industry standards and communication protocols, must be ensured.
  • Other essentials are optimisation of Quality of Service, with proper bandwidth management and traffic prioritisation, as well as monitoring performance, ongoing maintenance, and addressing compliance and regulatory needs.
  • Implementation and operational costs must be factored in.
  • And lastly, ongoing training to keep the team up to date is crucial.


That sounds like – and is – a lot. Choosing the right UCaaS solution for your needs is important. Connecting this to your network with an Enterprise SBC is essential, to enable the UCaaS solution to offer agility, scalability, security, easy interoperability with communications of existing applications and systems and simplified administration, providing visibility and control, and ease of management.

The good news is, a service provider that partners with your UCaaS provider can take care of all of this, leaving you free to focus on your business. Tata Communications GlobalRapide Managed Services is a game-changer in your journey to UCaaS.

Vivek Kar, Global Product Management Head for Collaboration and Voice Solutions, Tata Communications says, “Our partnership with Oracle in various spheres is part of our mission to simplify business for our clients. This partnership for the Enterprise SBC as a service is one that can pave the way for organizations to achieve business success without having to worry about tactical processes like managing the Enterprise SBC.

Tata Communications GlobalRapide – managing Enterprise SBCs
Tata Communications GlobalRapide Managed Services consists of integrated managed services and automation tools to help enterprises migrate to UCaaS. Tata Communications monitors and manages Oracle Enterprise SBCs as part of the SBC-as-a-service component of GlobalRapide, thus giving you enhanced productivity, faster time to market, increased interoperability and assured reliability.

Why Tata Communications?
Tata Communications GlobalRapide delivers a fully managed, fully owned, end-to-end unified communication solution to help you move to cloud collaboration rapidly and seamlessly. Leveraging the Tata Communications’ global scale of deployment experience and network services built on a carrier Tier 1 infrastructure grade foundation – Global SIP Connect – you can be assured of committed quality of service, risk mitigation, security and regulatory compliance.

Learn more about Oracle Enterprise Session Border Controllers and Tata Communications GlobalRapide managed services.