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Hari Ramachandran and Rahul Khatri


About Hari Ramachandran and Rahul Khatri

Hari Ramachandran and Rahul Khatri met during their time at the ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, Los Angeles.

Hari is a designer based out of Los Angeles. He enjoys working between impactful physical and digital products, wrapped up in an intimate, and personal experience. When he’s not playing with prisms or exploring banknote technology, he’s helping build pocketable eyewear at ROAV.

Rahul holds a Masters in Industrial Design from ArtCenter College of Design. Prior to this, he led a team of designers for a studio in India focusing on solutions with a lasting social impact. When he’s not setting pole position in F1, you can either find him kicking a soccer ball, or building incredible products at ROAV.