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Power of an integrated cloud platform

We at Tata Communications, take pride in being the industry leaders and delivering robust technological solutions for our clients. With IZO™ Private Cloud, you can take your business to the whole new level and rapidly expand across the globe. With a single orchestration platform, integrate, manage, and control your distributed IT environments. Get next-gen privacy and security with our state-of-the-art architecture. Our IZO™ Private Cloud is now VMware verified which will help enterprises to seamlessly migrate or integrate their on-premise based VMware instances to our VMware verified IZO™ Private Cloud.  

Why choose Tata Communications IZO™ Private Cloud

Scalable resources

Scale up or scale down your resources as and when your business needs change.
Scalable resources
Scale up or scale down your resources as and when your business needs change.

Hear from our customers

  • Kolla Suresh
    Head IT and Ops , Care Health Insurance Ltd

    By partnering with Tata Communications, we achieved infrastructure & security optimisation that enables us to support new business initiatives, accelerate time-to-market and improve efficiency.

  • Keith Lam
    TAL Apparel Project Manager , Infor

    Tata Communications had the technical expertise we needed. It brought the right people to the table to ensure smooth project implementation.

  • Tim Anderson
    VP , Cloud Architecture, Infor

    Tata Communications has the technical expertise to ensure smooth project implementation with skilled workers to manage hardware like IBM Power System.

  • Anil Kumar Singh
    Director Network Operations , YuppTV India Pvt. Ltd.

    With the Tata Communications smart professionals migration was really smooth, cyberthreats and downtime risks mitigated enabled us to provide continued customer experience without any disruption

  • Vijay Kumar
    IT Director , The Akshaya Patra Foundation

    Like all non-governmental organisations, we must manage funds carefully. Getting more value from our IT spend is a key part of that challenge; one that’s been considerably eased thanks to our partnership with Tata Communications. The implementation process was smooth, and we’re confident our data is secure. Now we spend less time managing hardware and more time on innovation

  • Ranjit Satyanath
    Head of Technology , Infiniti Retail Ltd.

    From the viewpoint of technology, ability to execute and commercial terms, no other firm could bring such a strong mix to the table.

  • Shyam Sirur
    Chairman , Cotmac Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

    Like any manufacturing enterprise, SAP is the nerve centre of our business and Tata Communications covers us end-to-end from infrastructure to application performance, the network on our premises to the network on cloud, servers, DR, Tata Communications makes it work all together.

  • Johnson K Jose
    Chief Information Officer , The Federal Bank Ltd.

    Assured availability and price were key criteria in our choice of Tata Communications. Over a five-year period, we’ve seen total downtime of no more than 20 minutes. That’s greater than 99.999 per cent availability.

  • Tushar Kshirsagar
    IT Head , Prasanna Purple Mobility Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

    Tata Communications has been our trusted network partner for years. They took charge of everything, from infrastructure to connectivity to applications and moved it all to cloud in mere three weeks.

  • Shreeharsh Bhandari
    Chief Technology Officer , Panchshil

    Tata Communications IZO™ Private Cloud is enabling us to not just fulfil the requirements of ERP, but also set the foundation of a robust digital infrastructure that will drive our future growth.

  • Ali Hyder
    Group CEO , Focus Softnet

    With Tata Communications IZO™ Private Cloud, there are no bottlenecks and it’s affordable to our SMB clients. Faster set-up and greater network performance have opened the door to business expansion.

  • Ranjit Satyanath
    Chief Information Officer , Infiniti Retail Ltd.

    Tata Communications' vision and understanding to bring newfound business agility make them an obvious choice of partner.Their IZO™ Cloud Storage with its customisation and third-party software integration capability helped us to seamlessly integrate, store and take backup of the data as well as gave us the ability to add or reduce compute or storage capacity when the situation demands.

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