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Shape shifting the economics of a great nation

January 26, 2018

Srini CR   

Chief Digital Officer

According to several reports, including the IMF, the world economy is slated to do well this year, with a predicted global output of around 3%. Amid synchronised global growth across both developed economies and emerging markets, India is expected to be delivering a robust 7% – 8% growth rate in the coming fiscal year.

While these predictions portend good tidings for the Indian economy, they also highlight Robert Solow’s mould-breaking model of economic growth for which he won the Nobel Prize in Economics. In his model he shows how after a certain threshold growth comes from using the same factors of production differently or in a more innovative way.  This is certainly something that the Government of India recognises and likes to put into play – most recently with the Digital India blueprint.  This plan will not only help the national economy leapfrog ahead, but also enable more industry sectors and categories to prevail, and to set a new global standard future forward.

The positive rhetoric on India’s growth prospects is a result of the increased resolve on building a robust ecosystem to aid technological innovation in the country to improve not just financial inclusion but also create platforms that would work as social equalisers. One stand-out initiative is the national GI Cloud, aptly named ‘Meghraj’ or ‘King of the Clouds’. The architectural vision of GI Cloud encompasses a set of discrete cloud computing environments spread across multiple locations, built on existing or new (augmented) infrastructure, following a set of common protocols, guidelines and standards issued by the Government of India to harness the benefits of cloud computing.

We, at Tata Communications, understand and appreciate the nuances around digital transformation, having worked with thousands of global customers on their digitisation journeys and are honoured to be able to play a pivotal role in the co-creation of  critical government e-initiatives like the government e-marketplace.  The Indian economy is poised for growth and we are proud to be working with the government on key initiatives that will accelerate financial inclusion, quality healthcare e-governance, and education services in the country.

The single minded agenda for these key projects is to help accelerate the delivery of e-services in the country, while optimising the government’s spend on ICT – rather like every enterprise that is looking to navigate their budgets on business technology and digitisation.

Cloud enablement has always been a key component in these conversations and we are absolutely delighted to not only be certified by the government of India as a partner in this journey but also be able to invest our resources in building a nation ready for the future, here and now.

Together we help the economy as well as organisations and enterprises of all shapes and sizes, get ahead and stay ahead in the global marketplace.


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