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To unlock transformation, diversity is the key

January 23, 2018

Vinod Kumar   

Blog contributor

Diversity is the lifeblood that flows through the teamwork that in true generates fresh ideas and operational excellence. Any enterprise that is serious about creating a culture of growth, innovation and always-in-beta transformation must embrace the potential of diversity.

In this vein, Tata Communications joined INSEAD and the Adecco Group, sponsoring the Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI) 2018. The latest report, Talent Diversity for Collaborative Innovation was launched in Davos, Switzerland on 22 January.

We are facing a future where change is constant. In this world, businesses can ill-afford to leave any stone unturned as they search for the next chapter in their future. Therefore, they must take in as diverse range of perspectives as possible to shape progress in a fast-moving digital arena.

Diversity, success and prosperity

The GTCI report measures diversity and inclusion D&I across 119 countries. Each country profile includes key indicators and ranks that country’s performance. An executive summary plots performance against the GTCI’s six pillars: ‘enable’, ‘attract’, ‘grow’, ‘retain’ plus VT (vocational and technical) and GK (global knowledge) skills.

Those countries with the highest D&I scores are developed, high-income nations – with Switzerland leading the way – and there is a strong correlation with per capita GDP. You could say that diversity is both a consequence of and a contributor to success and prosperity.

In light of this, countries, cities and enterprises can and should do more to harness the full power of diversity, according to the GTCI.

Enriching impacts

Organisations must create an environment that is conducive to innovation through inclusive leadership behaviours. As the report points out, it’s not about hitting diversity quotas: the real value comes from building an inclusive culture that enables and encourages people to express their opinions and feel their contribution being synthesized into the eventual work product.

As well as enterprises, cities play a vital role in driving the global talent diversity agenda. The report looks at 90 cities across the globe and features case studies demonstrating how diversity has been leveraged as a tool to increase competitiveness.

The GTCI champions enlightened and forward-thinking municipal leadership that inspires communities to use diversity as a force for good and project a positive image of their city. Diversity is not exclusive to humans, but extends to every aspect of business and community culture including physical environments and machines.

It is therefore the duty of businesses, governments and industry bodies to ensure that diversity in all of its forms thrives. The Talent Diversity for Collaborative Innovation report shines a light on the enriching impacts that diversity can bring to a country, city or business.

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