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Top 5 blogs of 2018

December 27, 2018

In 2018 we have had the pleasure of conducting fascinating surveys, interviewing interesting people and producing a wider variety of the content here on the New World Blog.

As this year rolls to a close, we wanted to thank all our readers and share with you our top 5 most read blogs to celebrate our most successful blog year to date.

5 – What do business leaders say about AI and the future of work?

Starting off this list is key findings from a study published by Tata Communications on Cognitive Diversity: AI and The Future of Work. The study looks into how business leaders perceive Artificial Intelligence’s impact on the future of our workforce.


4 – Stay secure. Stay safe. Lessons from the Cosmos Bank attack

At the fourth place is Rajarshi Purkayastha’s thoughts and learnings from the Cosmos Bank security breach. In an ever-increasing digital world, online security must stay a priority for businesses which is why Rajarshi offers his advice on how best to achieve it.


3 – Leading India into Industry 4.0

Winning the bronze, this year, is a blog celebrating the opening of CII-Tata Communications Centre for Digital Transformation. Sumeet Walia highlights the barriers and concerns that hinder India from reaching its full potential, and how the Centre for Digital Transformation will address them.


2 – The future of mobile and the autonomous vehicle network

The runner-up goes to one of our earlier blogs this year, by Ludovic Lassauce on autonomous vehicles and how next-gen mobile network will enable this innovative technology.


1 – eSIM and Soft SIM – a new era for the mobile ecosystem? – part 1

And the winner of our most read blog this year is by Tim Sherwood talking about the future of mobile hardware and software. Tim looks at how the conventional physical SIM card will soon cease to exist as the embedded SIMs (eSIM) and Soft SIMs are gaining popularity.


Interested in more? Go to our Tata Communications homepage and catch up with the latest technology leadership thoughts and studies we have to offer.