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Mehul Kapadia

Global Head of Marketing Tata Communications

About Mehul Kapadia

Mehul Kapadia is the Global Head of Marketing at Tata Communications. In this role, he is responsible for bridging the customer-centric operations of the company’s Customer Success Group (sales & client services) and the innovations of the company’s product team to build Tata Communications’ brand – by creating customer awareness and advocacy through a multi-dimensional marketing strategy that fuels future growth.

As part of this role, Mehul also spearheads the F1® engagement for Tata Communications with end-to-end responsibility for the innovation, sales and marketing, for the F1 Ecosystem, which constitutes Formula One Group, racing teams and global broadcasters.

Prior to his current role, Mehul held various positions within Tata Communications including Vice President of Product Marketing, Head of Marketing and Strategy for the Small and Medium Enterprise Business in India, and Head of Sales and Marketing for the Retail Business Unit, which he helped set up. Whilst working for the Retail Business Unit, Mehul played a key role in the acquisition and integration of various businesses for Tata Communications.

Mehul has also served on the Board of Directors for the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA).

Mehul graduated as an engineer specialising in Electronics and Telecommunications, before completing an MBA in Marketing and lives in London with his wife and daughter.